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2021 - Corsairs Help Sunburst Youth Academy

Hello Corsairs!


I wanted to let you all know that Sunburst's Emerald Bay weekend was a huge success!! Thank you all so much for your generosity! We were able to purchase rakes, shovels, loppers, push brooms, shop vacs, wheelbarrows, and enough gloves and safety glasses for everyone. These young people did an incredible job pulling down tents, clearing brush, filling sand bags, cleaning dorms, cabins, the dining hall and the aquarium. The Boy Scout staff was amazed at the cadet's attention to detail and how quickly they worked.  The kids had a lot of fun during their free beach time and the bonfires with s'mores were a hit. The video below shows the kids in action.

2021 Sunburst Youth @ Camp Emerald Bay


We are currently planning our next trip in April, 2022. Cherry Valley Boy Scout Camp is also interested in hosting one of the Sunburst platoons. Our Catalina adventure is growing! I am still talking with the Catalina Fire Authority and West Coast Arborists to figure out ways to include Sunburst in other ways around the island. Also, there are 2 other National Guard Challenge Academies in California, just like Sunburst, that are also interested in bringing cadets to the island.


Again, thank you! Without Corsair support for our first trip in 2019 we would not be where we are today.  

2019 Sunburst Youth Academy Video


With gratitude,

Jeannie Anderson